Thursday, October 21, 2010


I guess I needed to write something, you know, building good habits and such. Again, not too much going on:
1. The insurance company is completely full of mint green cow paddies, really wish I could just roll through there choppin ppl in the throat, but it's not their fault I m cheap. If only I really could have saved money switching 2 Geico I could tell these hoes to eat a disc (no typo) (pretty sure that was a wasted 1 but if I have 2 explain it, it loses the funny 2 me so I will just let that ride and u let it marinate a bit, in the meanwhile I think I just made my next fb stat, but i digress:)
2. The boo is still on that "I know u seein sumbody else" jazz, really wanna tell him to grow a pair and step it up but u cain't say dat, u cain't say dat, so I guess I will just stroke the ego and keep the peace so I don't allow his side comments 2 infect me with bitter b!tch syndrome (u know the symptoms: not givin a f@^k about sum1 else's feelings, genuinely getting pleasure from the pain of others, verbal flatulence, and attitudinal diarrhea:) (second stat:)
3. Seems like I really can't get right right now, everything is bad and stupid and poorly done . . . and in 3 to 5 days when the leaking stops, life will be right as rain, sometimes I hate being a woman. All these d@mn feelings, it would be so nice to just brush things off, but it's like estrogen forces u 2 feel stuff. I think that is y broads b so emotional, even when u try not 2 b just makes it come faster and harder. Can't speak for anyone else but it pisses me off to know in:)
that will b all, irritating myself now . . . until later:)

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