Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Feel like I have reached a point of resolve with many things that have been going through my mind and just wanted to document my progress:)
1. Though my car is wrecked, and this is the first time since I was about 13 that I didn't have a car or a real plan to get one but yet, having to wait on someone else to tell me what to do next (an entirely new set of issues:), I think I resolved today not to worry about it, officially. I mean it has to be resolved soon and all I can do is wait any way, finally have a plan and a back up plan for either way it could go and now all I need to do is be patient, which I can to do, u shut up:)
2. I still haven't responded to the "so y r u with me" ? but today I resolved that if he was so d@mn curious, he would ask again. And until he brings it up, I will just cross the sh!t creek bridge when it really gets to burnin my eyes:) lmao
3. I was concerned about going back to school but I believe today I will turn in a new app for the correct semester and really look off into what I need to do to make it happen. I may even call Sallie Mae to see their decision on my payments. Unlike most ppl, I am not really worried about student loans cuz the way I see it imma always owe somebody something, might as well have the type of stuff I want so when I am paying it back, I can see my money at work:)
4. I think I have hit a plateau with teaching, I don't want to quit or anything, but I definitely want to have a workable back up plan in the making so when it does get played out, I can move on in a rather seamless transition.
5. I know my body is getting older and changing, in some cases, out right mutiny:) lmao but I also know what I need to do to keep it in check, I think I have resolved today to really start doing that more actively or at least not ending a day until I took a genuine stab at it:)
We'll see where i m at with these things in a week or what new mischief that has camped in my head:)

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