Monday, October 11, 2010

weak vs strong

There are few subtle things that separate
those who can from those who ain't
and even when the strong feel faint
they accept what is and
go hard in the paint:)
but the weak among us
infect like a fungus, spreading
their weak minded ways
living in that funky haze with
the thundering black cloud
following them around
raining down the hate they
live 2 recycle.
They are never a participant,
always a victim
never a boss, always the
worker bees
always a friend,
never an enemy
even to lazy 4 church, be
outside prayin 2 the trees
And they see the strong with
pride in their step
and the plot and they scheme until
nothing is left
they want to beat all ur strength out
and choke out your breath
until u are simply a shell of
and should u refuse their heated advance
they wait and wait till they get the chance
to make u sit out when it's ur turn 2 dance
all this they do for just a glance
of you
falling or failing
or both
and they only get rest if u abandon ur blessed
and u r left stressed, heart leaking out of ur chest,
only when u bleed r they impressed
because now u
get to be
for them
but can't blame them for their feverish
plot, who wouldn't want to have even a piece of
what u have got
a sense of peace that few will find
with bondage and baggage u refuse to
and out of no way u do find
the space to grow and use
ur mind (which if they were not
so lazy 2 do,they could be and think, just like
and though
u think ur strength a curse
imagine u could b much worse
for some can't help but b perverse
in evil deeds they stack their worth:)
and despite the stupid that they do
they'll take the life right out of u
so the measure of strength is but a test
to win the fight or
just try ur best:)

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