Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One of my former students turned lil sista wrote a poem about love and this was my response. Sums up my feelings on the topic perfectly so I will quote my d@mn self:) lolol
I think that is the problem, we are all so in love with an idea and not with the reality. In reality, you are never going to find that one person that is perfect, there are no fairy tales and no one is coming on a horse to save you. Real is finding someone who you can accept for who they are and work together to become the ppl you both want to be. If I am too young to give up on love and u r but a pup, keep trying. I think the lesson I have learned is that LOVE isn't love at all until u r where u want to be in life. I say this bcuz some women depend on a man for their self esteem, and sadly, because men know that, they exploit it. Once you are genuinely comfortable in ur place in space, u will project what you hope to attract. Until then, just have fun:) U sound like a 36 yr old woman desperate to find a man b4 her eggs all dry up, it's not that deep yet:) It's like playing a game only to win when u haven't learned all the rules yet. You may get close to the finish line but will never have the satisfaction of winning because you never really played the game, u r missing the fun part. Ppl will fall in and out of love their whole lives but the biggest lesson I have learned is that you can't love someone else until u really love urself. The reason why women let the 'love of some man be their downfall' is bcuz they don't love themselves enough to know what they are worth b4 they add this dude to their lives. Then once he is there, they kill themselves trying to keep him. I think my biggest fear in love was losing myself. Then, a man who I care about very much told me that a real man would never let u lose who u r, his only goal would be to enhance that person bcuz she is a reflection of him. If u messin wit dudes that love 2 c u broken, it is bcuz they are broken. What u need, little sis is a man who is whole:) I 2 once thought love was a unicorn (a pretty fable that really doesn't exist) but it can be as real as u make it. And, like every thing else worth having in life, you have to work for it before it works for u:) and don't be mad at these fellas that did u foul, u should thank them. These men will teach u things about urself u would have otherwise never known, don't sleep on the lesson cuz u r n ur feelings or u really will repeat it with every man that comes after:) hope this helps:) helped me 2 say it:)

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