Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Problem

The problem isn't that we don't fit,
the problem is we fit 2 well.
We r so much alike and i can tell by the
way u hold me that you are scared of me but not
just me, what i represent. A
future u that was not ur intent
to be treasured and never spent so
sometimes u push me away, and if I
wasn't so stubborn, I wouldn't go so far
but i do.
And as for u,
i don't know what this is that i m feeling but
a small part of me is willing to explore the
impossible to ignore thing that is growing and
making heated progression with each session
inside my soul
O it is a blessing
and a curse but
can't tell which is worse since
i guess i m that parodoxical path that
wanted wear and despite my reluctance to
share ur padded soles walked all the proud right
out of me:) and even though u took such care and
stepped lightly,
the only real tragedy
is it can only
get worse
from here
bcuz it couldn't have been any better.
So what is left
we have done so much in so short a time
that the only thing left is our demise,
and even my attempts to disguise those negative
only pay homage to the tears forming already
like they are being stored in the city's water supply
waiting for those few sharp words
that pierce the flood gates;
my mind's eyes are already mourning the loss
of u and even though my heart craves the touch
of u my body has felt a bit 2 much of u
so we r fonkin now, set trippin with each other
for clutchin u
my heart b@tch slapped my brain and words born in my lungs
died on my lips and what spat out my mouth
so cold it caused the runs in my nose and
froze the water on my knees. I can't believe
how far and how fast we have traveled, that
this dirt road turned to gravel then sand
and now we r just holding hands ocean side
looking for a boat
or even just some wood so we can
continue making a way against the waves:)
I can't conceive what it will feel like after this,
no references no map for this
and every thing before seems like practices cuz this
has 2 b a test, right
nothing else has made me lose sleep at night
or wrestle within my own soul's sight
mayb it would b better for us both if u
please just leave now, b4
i won't b able 2 let u go without a fight
cuz something about this whole thing just ain't right
it's makin me breathless, so tight, constricted
I think that's
the problem,
isn't it??

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