Monday, May 30, 2011


If I could put time in a bottle I think I would still manage 2 let some of it slip away and be wasted, just in my nature to do so. I have been writing long papers and essays to the point that writing for leisure has become a foreign concept. SO i didn't need to be a formal just wanted 2 get a few things off my chest.
1. Ok pretty sure the new house is haunted, or at least full of a lot of remnants of stuff cuz there is just way too much vibe up in here. It has both of us drained and quite frankly I am looking for an exit strategy on that (seems to be a recurrent theme of mine and at some point I will publish a book of exit strats to really let it b known how effective each brain child may be.
2. Tired, all the time, really, not sleeping well at night, hard to make myself stay sleep, struggling, thinking about keeping a journal of the times I wake up and fall asleep.
3. Trust, see this is an issue as well but i have learned that the harder it is for u to trust ppl the more untrustworthy u actually are, and in hindsight, I don't even trust my own judgment so hard to project what I can't even imitate for my own benefit . . . (that is all bad when u say it out loud:)
4. Peace, coming into the end of the school year and taking all that learning with me under the umbrella of experience . . . I guess I will try harder to keep a positive vibe about this simply as a teary eyed Derrick Rose so eloquently put it, "I just gotta do better next season." Head was NOT in the game:)
5. Stability, paying off the end of both car payments this month, current car paid for, GOD willing, I will have no payment for a lil bet so I can get back in my o g stackadola
6. Love, well the verdict is still out on this one . . . tbc

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