Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Git Money

Everybody is so consumed with the
Git Money at all cost mentality, it's like
we put money over hoes, bro's, and anything goes
as long as it flows but what is that
river u makin it rain with really hidin?
Is it possible that inside
u feel empty and incomplete
and figurin a new pair of shoes or
a nice whip might make u able 2 compete
with those u deem better than u even though
they on that git money sh!t 2.
So with all this getting what do we got
to show for the grave plots and gun shots
we let pop all in the name of the almighty dollar.
Sure u got a stable of yellow bones who come callin
as long as u ballin but when u go 2 fallin
off u find that easy come easy go isn't just
a frame of mind
but ur reality.
And what about those who plot and scheme
but with an educational theme to seem as
though they represent what is best in us,
or better than the rest of us
either way not embracin what's
blessed in us and we
don't even deserve it and can't
manage 2 make enough money worth it.
So if ur self esteem is hidden in cream,
u mind is on the grind,
u can't find it sunny when yo money funny, or
ur pockets get low faster than a 2 dolla hoe
maybe u might consider re-evaluatin
what ever it is that's motivatin u and
tune in 2
the big picture coming
soon 2 a theater
And don't worry about all that
change makin ur vision blurry
cuz karma is a b!tch that only
films in hd:)
But if u 2 fargone already
I guess ur warning will
live among the birds above
ur head where
my words b:)

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